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 contest for a zack ryder shirt and 8x10

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PostSubject: contest for a zack ryder shirt and 8x10   Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:36 pm

send and email to KnowYourBro@hotmail.com with the following questions and answers below
1 in what episodes did scott stanford, big o and zack's dad make their debuts?
scott stanford made his debut in episode 4. the big o and zack's dad made their debuts in episode 5
2 what are the ingredients of a long island iced z cocktail?
mix rum and vodka into the shaker then some taquila and some soda and some g's of p shake and drink.
3 who was the first ever broski of the week?
cm punk in episode 4
4 what cereals were zack and primo eating in catering?
zack is eating frosted flackes and primo is eating cocoa krispies
5 what were peter venkman and dolph ziggler doing in each episode that they were seen together in?
standing next to buzz light year in episode 3. standing on the stove as zack is cooking episode 4.standing next to zack's dad in episode 5. standing next to zack's framed 8x10 in epsidoe 6. holding zacks head band in episode 7. standing next to a roll of toliet paper in episode 8. in a cupboard in episode 9. standing on the kitchen counter when zack is makeing a long island icedZ in episode 10. on the table as zacks dad is doing the shake weight in episode 11. standing on the dresser as zack is looking for the brass ring in episode 12. standing on table as zack is drawing money in episode 13. dolph with yoshi tatsu's head standing with venkman in episode 14. beside can of bud light lime in episode 15. on zacks dads table when hes writing morrison a get well letter in episode 16. sitting in the bathroom in episode 17. standing next to a jar of skippy peanut butter in episode 18. sitting on shake weight in episode 19. ziggler holding petar venkman figure in episode 20.venkman holding ziggler figure in episode 21.
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PostSubject: Re: contest for a zack ryder shirt and 8x10   Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:57 pm

I did it Twisted Evil

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contest for a zack ryder shirt and 8x10
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